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For many children a birthday is a special event. It's the biggest day of the year. It's even bigger than Christmas! This is the day when all the presents and party favours are for them, and the most important aspect of the entire day is the birthday cake. So, it is vital you make this cake as magical as possible. Therefore, it is imperative you choose the perfect cake for this special day.

Choosing birthday cakes for children can be quite difficult. There are so many on offer from Ben 10 cake, chota bheem cake, alien-crusher cakes, to Dora The Explorer. Furthermore, there's the issue of having to spend countless hours perusing the bakery shelves at your local supermarket searching for that ideal.

Of course, there is the online option on Not only does this offer convenience with the cake being delivered to your doorstep, but there is a greater variety than the bakery down the road will ever have. also offer a personalisation service whereby you can create a unique, specially made birthday cake. This means you can create the cake you want without the restrictions of supermarket ingredients - and let's face it; this adds a fun aspect for a parent.

Finding the kids cake is only half the battle. Choosing the design is the trickier part. When you are deciding which style of cake, it is best to consider these guidelines and rules. They will always help when you're feeling a little stuck.

Firstly, think of the stories and television shows your child enjoys. If they are a Hello Kitty fan, try and locate a cake with the Hello Kitty theme. If they enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine, explore the options of kids cakes on yummy cakes India. It is also important to remember that children, particularly younger children, enjoy bright colours so opt for bolder colours. The most effective seem to be green, yellow, red and blue; however, it should remain within the theme you have chosen.

A further feature which must be noted is the type of cake. This does not refer to the icing, but rather the cake itself. If it is a sponge cake, it must be light and fluffy. Children are highly perceptive and will be upset if the sponge does not meet expectations. This could lead to a disastrous party indeed.

Children love icing, and if you plaster a cake with icing they are usually happy. When looking for an iced cake opts for ones that have Smarties or Skittles on top. Additional icing peaks can be advantageous as children enjoy breaking these off as added extras. The option of larger cake designs, such as flowers or fans are ideal as these can be incorporated into the party as a special treat for the birthday boy or girl.

The birthday party is often the highlight of a childs year. They wait for the event with baited breath, looking forward to all the presents and the birthday cake. While birthday cakes for adults are simple purchasing a simple sponge, children are more demanding. They require bright, bold, elaborate and fun cakes!

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